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About Us

New to downtown Elmhurst as of August of 2019, we are proud to bring our families and communities our innovative concept in high quality childcare.  Our beautiful, new center is within walking distance to the train station and all our beautiful town of Elmhurst has to offer.  We know parents need quality and flexible childcare options and are thrilled to provide a much needed service right in the heart of Elmhurst.

 Our number one priority is to ensure we meet every child's individual needs in a safe, secure and loving environment.  Our compassionate, educated and experienced teachers nurture our children and promote a positive learning experience.

With the emphasis on our facility of connecting children to a natural environment, you'll see many unique features and conceptual design throughout our childcare center. Our flooring  is sustainable and Eco friendly.  All of our infant and toddler rooms have radiant heated floors, low VOC paint throughout and the entire center is designed and equipped by Community Playthings(only ONE of two centers in IL). We selected Community Playthings for many reasons, most importantly, we believe they have the highest quality product, the safest design and are the only products on the market for childcare furnishings that are LEED certified.  Our hope is to teach an Eco friendly, sustainable way of life.  We want to care for our children and our planet and are very excited to combine a more natural way to our childcare center.

"We all inhabit this small planet, we all breathe the same air, we all cherish our children's futures, and, we are all mortal."  (President John F Kennedy)

Since we spend 90% of our time indoors, indoor air quality is an essential and integral part of a healthy environment.  You'll see plants throughout to improve the overall quality of air, our supplies and toys are Eco friendly or organic wherever possible.  Our crayons, markers, paint, sheets and blankets are either all organic, or Eco friendly.   Recyclable materials are used wherever possible and things such as laundry detergent, dish and hand soap are Eco Certified, sustainable or organic.  

Our two owners, Joyce Slone(lifetime resident of Elmhurst and new to Childcare) and Kasindra Dayton(resides in Elmhurst with her 3 children), are both Elmhurst College Alum and believe that their family style management of the center is an integral part of a successful, long term commitment to our community and the childcare service provided.  This new business partnership is reflective of a decade long working and personal relationship.  Both are very excited to pioneer the childcare industry with so many quality features not yet seen in the childcare industry, while remaining focused on the compassionate and safe care for our children.

We take hiring seriously.  Each and every teacher is trained in CPR/1st aid and must meet our company's professional standards for commitment to excellent childcare.  Teachers are required to obtain an Associates or better, or working towards this educational goal and we prefer teachers that have no less than 2 years in a childcare setting.  We require continuing Early Childhood development annually and keep our teachers current on early learning innovations and our company's programs.  Our Management and Ownership team all have a Bachelor's Degree or better.  In addition to a teacher's education, we look for teachers that are kind, caring and compassionate.  Those qualities are equally as important to us as their qualifications.