typical day in preschool

Prior to your child's start date, and typically during our enrollment meeting with your family, we will discuss what to expect in our preschool classroom.  You'll receive communication electronically that includes meals, potty, outdoor time, daily progress and so much more in real time.  This classroom is for children ages 4-5.

Children will be warmly greeted to prepare them for an exciting day ahead!  Preschoolers enjoy circle time, story time, snacks and lunch, playtime, outside time and SO much more while parents are away.  

Areas of development

We utilize Creative Curriculum and the focus is on foundational skills in a progressive, educational and social setting. The structure is evident and we emphasize cognitive learning, including number and letter recognition introduced through puzzles, games, math problems, science projects and writing skills.  

We know the best way to help children succeed is to teach them to be creative and confident thinkers.  With a research based, comprehensive curriculum in a small setting, our teachers can create a high quality, fun learning environment. 

Elmhurst Academy of Music

Coming Soon.....We are very proud to partner with Elmhurst Music Academy.  Our preschool children have this enrichment (small weekly additional fee) weekly for a half hour with a certified instructor.  We know children will develop a love for music that can be nurtured indefinitely.  


Coming Soon....We are very excited to bring a fitness enrichment program that parents may elect to have their children participate in.    We have carefully select Jump Bunch.  Jump Bunch will Enhance all phases of physical growth including:  Hand/eye Coordination, Agility, Fine and Gross Motor Skills, Muscle Development and Body Balance.  Classes are in addition to regular tuition.


Elmhurst Premier's Preschool classroom offers a range of activities that stimulate children's group and individual love of learning while developing friendships throughout the way.

Children are introduced to reading, writing, basic Spanish and all of our individual and group activities help children explore new friendships and their individuality as they gain their educational and foundational skills.  We engage our children in how we can make a positive impact with nutrition, self help skills, accountability, empathy, manners and problem solving.


Since we spend 90% of our time indoors, indoor air quality is an essential and integral part of a healthy environment.  Like the rest of our childcare center, our Preschool classroom room is equipped by Community Playthings.   We selected Community Playthings for many reasons, most importantly, we feel they have the highest quality, safest design and are the only childcare furniture that are LEED certified.  With our goal of the highest safety standards and bringing a more natural environment into our classrooms, this was an easy decision.  You'll see natural branches utilized to hang art work and decorations.  Our toys are Eco friendly wherever possible and our crayons and markers are either Eco friendly, organic or both.  We provide organic blankets for all children during rest/naptime as well.  This classroom also has its own Bathroom for children only.


Welcome to our Preschool Classroom