individual care, nutrition and classroom design

Toddlers are beginning to settle into a routine while still developing their own habits and personal styles and personalities are unfolding.  They are exploring in movement and environment and our hope is to continue to provide the nurturing care as would be given in his/her own home.  We want to embrace our natural setting and begin teaching environmentally safe practices with our young toddlers.  

Our 2 small toddler rooms are separated by furniture and are open and airy with lots of invigorating areas for them to explore throughout the day.   Like our infant rooms, our toddler rooms are also heated with radiant floors.  A first of its kind in childcare.  Since we spend 90% of our time indoors,  our goal is to provide cleaner air and a more comfortable and relaxing classroom so our toddlers  stay warm and cozy all winter long!

"We all inhabit this small planet, we all breathe the same air, we all cherish our children's futures, and, we are all mortal." (President John F Kennedy) 

Community Playthings line is what we feel to be the highest quality, safest and LEED certified furniture and we've selected it for all of our classrooms.   We selected this manufacturer for many reasons, most importantly, we feel they have the highest quality, safest design and are the only childcare furniture that are LEED certified.  With our goal of the highest safety standards and bringing a more natural environment into our classrooms, this was an easy decision.  We encourage parents to take a moment to see what makes them truly the safest and best childcare equipment on the market today.  Our supplies are also organic and Eco friendly wherever possibly.  This includes details such as providing organic cot blankets for the children in our care.

Our toddlers enjoy a family style, lunch and snacks throughout the day that will be catered by Gourmet Gorilla.  All food is organic or all natural, non GMO and includes fresh fruits, vegetables, milk and grass fed beef and poultry.

parent communication

We know how important it is for parents to receive updates and stay connected throughout the day.  We utilize an electronic application, KidReports, where parents can be involved with their child's changes, excitement of their day and behavior on a regular basis.  We utilize real time updates, including photos and parents will be notified immediately through text or email.  Our updates often include developmental milestones, along with the day to day activities of your toddler.  We offer parent teacher conferences and our teachers are always willing to schedule a personal phone call to discuss your child's educational experiences. 

creative curriclum

Creative Curriculum is comprehensive and inspires even the youngest learners to engage, have fun and develop lasting relationships.  Toddlers gain so much experience in a language rich routine and meaningful experiences on a daily and ongoing basis.  Compassionate and caring teachers plan activities for toddlers that will support language, early math skills, social experiences physical growth and sensory skills during routines and experiences.  We focus on observation and assessments to help your toddler reach his/her highest level.

Our toddlers are able to explore centers, the use of many manipulatives and block play, learn proper hand washing for cleanliness, practicing how to speak kindly, speaking with manners, enjoy routine circle time for music and stories, outdoor play in a beautiful new playground,  making friends, and, of course, feeling lots of love from their caretakers.