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Individualized infant care and nutrition

Infants have their own schedules, habits and personalities.  Our infant rooms will be divided by ages and stages.  Our teachers believe in providing the love and compassion and communicate that directly to our parents both personally and electronically via KidReports.  Our hope is to assimilate a caring routine for feeding and diapering that suits your child's individualized needs and family goals.  All diapers, feedings and milestones are logged and communicated daily with plenty of photos and expression of each child's developmental milestones and day to day activities.

Long before infants display verbal skills, they read facial expressions, gestures and variable voice tones.  We introduce infant/baby sign language to help non verbal communication develop early on in a child's life.  Our teachers know that loving, compassionate care is they key to an infant's development.  

parent communication

We know how important it is to receive updates and stay connected throughout the day.  We utilize an electronic application, KidReports, where parents can be involved with their child's changes and behavior on a daily basis.  We utilize real-time updates and photos and parents will be notified through the application instantly via text or email.  Our updates often include developmental milestones, along with a child's detailed day-to-day details and activities.  We know how important it is to stay connected while you're away.  

Classroom design

We have multiple infant classrooms that will be separated by growth and development.  We have rooms designed for infants ages 6 weeks to crawling, a room for crawlers to walkers and a transitional infant room for walkers to 15 months.

All of our infant rooms have radiant heated floors and are equipped by Community Playthings(only ONE of two centers in IL). We selected Community Playthings for many reasons, most importantly, we feel they have the highest quality, safest design and are the only childcare furniture that are LEED certified.  With our goal of the highest safety standards and bringing a more natural environment into our classrooms, this was an easy decision.  Our infants rest and sleep on organic sheets and our main supplies are Eco friendly, sustainable and organic wherever possible, including crayons and paint.

"We all inhabit this small planet, we all breathe the same air, we all cherish our children's futures, and, we are all mortal."  (President John F Kennedy)

Since we spend 90% of our time indoors, indoor air quality is an essential and integral part of a healthy environment.  Plants, supplies and equipment were carefully selected in our development and design of our center.  


We focus on several areas of development in our infant rooms but most important, is nurturing and compassionate care.  We know our tender infants need the love and attention while parents are away.  We are honored to care for your young children and we look forward to a wonderful, lasting relationshiop.

Our infants are beginning to learn important core competencies such as:  Language, Fine Motor Skills, Gross Motor Skills, Sensory, Art and Science.  Infants have time for things such as tummy time, where they can stretch and squirm, gaining much needed core strength and several different textiles are introduced.  Our teachers are able to help our infants use their sensory skills as they begin developing connections and individual growth.  Reading, taking, singing and playing help early literacy all with love and compassion.  Our infants also enjoy outdoor time in our beautiful, new playground area where they can enjoy fresh air and explore the outdoors.