Early Preschool


Early Preschool for children potty trained and 2.5-3 years old

Our early preschool children are settling into a routine,  still developing their own habits and personalities and beginning their new adventure as an early Preschooler!  They enjoy their snacks and meals in a family style setting with their friends and teachers.  Our food will be catered by Gourmet Gorilla.  We offer whole organic milk and our family style service simulates a family environment.  Details of a child's day are sent out via text or email through KidReports communication.

parent communication

Prior to your child's start date, and typically during our enrollment meeting, we will discuss what to expect as your child enters our Early Preschool classroom.  You'll receive updates and communication through an electronic application called KidReports.  This electronic communication platform includes diaper changing, food, photos, behavior and milestones on a regular and ongoing basis. Our updates will include your child's day to day activities, food and milestones.  We offer parent teacher conferences and our teachers are always willing to schedule a personal phone call to discuss your child's educational experiences.  We know how important it is to stay connected to your toddler and we do our very best to provide the highlights of your child's day with us.


Our young preschoolers are continuing to explore their independence.  Our teachers inspire our children based on a fun filled, themed day with a focus on preparing them all for their next adventure as a Preschooler!  Their self awareness and curiosity of their surroundings is developing and we encourage and promote compassion and nurture through strong family relationships.  We promote love and kindness through demonstration and helping our children use manners, teaching them empathy and self help skills.


Children will begin to learn letters, colors, etc., along with very basic word recognition and strengthen their writing skills along with  basic Spanish.  All of our individual and group activities help children explore new friendships and their individuality as they gain their educational and foundational skills.  We engage our children in how we can make a positive impact with nutrition, self help skills, accountability, empathy, manners and problem solving as we prepare for their next adventure as a Preschooler.

Creative Curriculum, which is a comprehensive curriculum, is utilized to inspire our older 2s and young 3 year olds.  We will introduce foundational skills in a progressive, educational and social setting.  The structure is becoming evident and we emphasize cognitive learning, including number and letter recognition introduced through puzzles, games, math problems, science projects and writing skills.  

Activities in this room will support language, early math skills, social experiences, art, physical growth and sensory skills during routines and experiences.  We focus on observation and assessments to help your son/daughter reach his/her highest potential.  Our typical day also includes outdoor play, learning about a sustainable, green way of life, early literacy, reading, science and math skills and all while they play!

Our classrooms allow exploration of centers, which includes the use of many manipulatives, block play, hand washing, circle time for music and stories, outdoor play, making friends and of course, feeling lots of love from their caretakers. 

Since we spend 90% of our time indoors, indoor air quality is an essential and integral part of a healthy environment.  Like the rest of our childcare center, this classroom is equipped by Community Playthings.   We selected Community Playthings for many reasons, most importantly, we feel they have the highest quality, safest design and are the only childcare furniture that are LEED certified.  With our goal of the highest safety standards and bringing a more natural environment into our classrooms, this was an easy decision.  You'll see natural branches utilized to hang art work and decorations.  Our toys are Eco friendly wherever possible and our crayons and markers are either Eco friendly, organic or both.  We provide cot sheets and organic blankets for all of our children during quiet/naptime.

This classroom also has its own bathroom for children only.

Early Preschool

Welcome to our 2.5 and 3 year old Early Preschool Room!